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The classification of "flavor of food" and the factors that affect its flavor

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The classification of "flavor of food" and the factors that affect its flavor
Factory production of beverages, candy, biscuits and other food, almost all flavors and flavors, edible flavor can affect the taste and flavor of food special high-concentration enrichment additives, can make up for the food by the manufacturing process will lose the flavor.
As the use of different flavors, can give the product unique flavor, create new products. Product standardization, the product can not be easily imitated. The amount of fragrance is generally very small, but it determines the flavor of food, therefore, food flavor is the food industry will be a lot of food additives. In the food additives it is self-contained, there are more than a thousand varieties. Edible flavor categories can be divided into:
(1) natural flavor. It is through the physical method, from the nature of plants and animals (spices) extracted from the completely natural material. Usually the natural flavor of the carrier can be fruit, animal organs, leaves, tea and seeds. The extraction methods are extraction, distillation, concentration. Extract and extract can be obtained vanilla extract, cocoa extract, strawberry extract and so on; distillation method can be peppermint oil, anise oil, cinnamon (osmanthus) oil, eucalyptus oil; distillation method can be orange oil, lemon oil , Citrus oil, etc .; with the concentration method can be apple juice concentrate, mango concentrate, orange sweat concentrate and so on. At present there are more than 5,000 kinds of raw materials can be extracted from the world, there are more than 1,500 kinds of commonly used.
(2) Equivalent to natural flavor. This type of fragrance is a chemical substance obtained by chemical means to take natural raw materials or synthetic natural substances and natural flavor exactly the same.
(3) synthetic fragrance. It is made by chemical synthesis and other chemical methods have not yet been confirmed that the nature of this chemical molecules. If found in nature and dominate the same chemical molecules, compared with the same natural flavor. As long as the fragrance of a raw material is synthetic, that is synthetic fragrance.
(4) microbiological methods of preparation of the essence. It is through the microbial fermentation or enzymatic reaction to obtain the essence.
(5) reactive flavors. This kind of fragrance is the protein and the reducing sugar to heat the Maillard reaction and get the wind in the meat, chocolate, coffee, malt incense.
(Water-soluble, oil-soluble, emulsifying), which accounted for 10% to 20% of fragrant substances, solvent (water, propylene glycol, etc.) accounted for 80% -90%; emulsified type 10% to 20% of the flavoring substance and 80% to 90% of the carrier. The flavor of the powder is 10% -20% and the carrier is 80% -90% of the solvent, the emulsifier, the stabilizer, the pigment, the acid and the antioxidant.
In recent years, the rapid development of powder flavor, in the beverage, small food, baked goods have a wider range of applications. There are three types of powder powder commonly used:
(1) mixed form of powder flavor: several powdery flavor material mixed with each other, such as spiced powder, curry powder, etc .; these scent mostly from natural plant spices, and in the deployment of meat flavor; vanilla powder, vanillin Etc. is also mixed with the form of powder flavor.
(2) the form of adsorption powder flavor: so that the flavor is extremely adsorbed on the appearance of the carrier, this flavor composition to have low volatility; all kinds of meat flavor is mostly adsorption form of powder flavor.
(3) coated form of micro-gel powder powder flavor is now the most widely used in the food industry powder flavor.
The essence of fragrance is a special means for the packaging, isolation, preservation, slow release and liquid curing of the essence. The main purpose is to keep the original flavor of the fragrance for a long time while keeping Fragrance, to prevent oxidation and other factors caused by fragrance deterioration.
This effect is the other powder flavor in the food industry has a special significance and wide range of practicality. The traditional solid beverage production is mostly made by spray drying method, vacuum drying method and boiling drying method. The liquid flavor is used in the production process, and the solvent is removed by heating. The flavor of the product will be affected.
Today, the use of solid beverage production more dry powder mixing process, the production process of various powder ingredients and micro-plastic Xiang powder powder directly mixed, without heating, product flavor remains unchanged. Solid beverages use micro-glue Xiangfen powder fragrance easy to operate, easy to mix evenly, do not increase the temperature of the fragrance products, the product to maintain the original powder state, in the white sugar products will not change color. As the fragrance component is wrapped in and in the Xiang, thus inhibiting the volatile loss, thus extending the fragrant time. Fragrance components and the surrounding space isolation, to prevent oxidation and other factors to promote the possibility of deterioration of the fragrance, which greatly extended the product retention period. The use of liquid fragrance fragrance operation is not convenient, easy to mix evenly, increase the fragrance of water products, so that the product is easy to form a caking phenomenon, in the white sugar products will gradually turn yellow, the essence can only be added to the surface, Space caused by rapid evaporation, to maintain the fragrance of a short time, a large area of fragrance and air contact, susceptible to oxidation, to promote fragrance deterioration, keep a short period.

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